FreightSpeed provide a smart logistics solution to our customer base, which we believe is a core competency when meeting the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical supply chains.

We provide bar code scanning, proof of delivery, and real-time data - all of which have a dramatic influence on reducing lost items, increasing efficiency, and improving customer relations.With an own fleet of over 130 GPS tracked vehicles, FreightSpeed have full visibility of each stage of a consignment delivery.

As an experienced pharmaceutical courier, we understand the industry's regulations for transporting, delivering, and warehousing. Employee training and proper equipment are all part of the pharmaceutical distribution and courier services we offer. The highest level of security is provided when transporting and delivering your goods to their destination. Our proven process ensures all documentation is complete and compliant.

Gain confidence when you entrust your consignments to us, because we have the experience, capability, and procedures in place to respond to and fulfill your requirements. Consider partnering with us.

Emergency & Scheduled Pharmaceutical Courier Services

Receive a pharmaceutical delivery customized to your needs and destinations.

FreightSpeed currently service a customer base of over 2,500 nationwide customers TWICE DAILY. For more routine needs, we also offer scheduled and routed deliveries for pharmacies, hospitals, and hospital networks

Freigtspeed Provides :

- Express Medical Couriers
- Pharmaceutical Distribution
- Medical Equipment & Supplies Deliveries
- Sensitive Medical Equipment Logistics
- Temperature Controlled Distribution
- Validated Cold Chain Packaging Solutions